April 17, 2017

“We have the option for 100% effective treatment.” Beth Pearce, DPM

Beth Pearce is a Podiatrist with Orthopedic Associates of St. Augustine and has been practicing in St. Augustine for over 30 years. We asked her to tell us about the way in which Next Generation DNA Sequencing through MicroGen DX has given her the tools to bring efficient and complete healing to her patients.

“I have, as you might expect a high number of patients here in Florida that want to wear sandals,” Dr. Pearce explained, “lots of flip-flops and most all of us in this society are much more conscious about cosmetic appearance.”

Dr. Pearce shared with us an example of a patient who she treated with diagnostics from MicroGen DX.

“There was a girl who had actually been to a laser treatment by a colleague and had very disappointing results. When she came to see me the first …

May 2, 2017

“We have been waiting for technology like this.” Javad Parvizi, MD

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Javad Parvizi recently for an interview. Javad Parvizi, MD is a professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University. He has been in practice for over 15 years, doing mostly hip and knee replacement with an interest in periprosthetic joint infection.

“We are in desperate need of innovation that will help us to do better for these patients,” Dr. Parvizi told us. “But what we also face is diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection is very difficult. It is difficult for two reasons.

May 2, 2017

“This made a significant difference in the patient’s care and his outcome.” Michael Waters, DO

We were recently fortunate to talk with Michael Waters, DO, a urologist practicing in the coastal Alabama region about his success using MicroGen DX for his clinical decision-making.

“I have number of patients who’ve come to me who I’m certain have an infection,” he told us. “They’re symptomatic. In my practice, average of 30-35% of cultures have returned no growth when I’m actually certain the patient does have an infection. What was most surprising for me is the results I got back.

How eye opening it was, especially patients with chronic illness, chronic infections.

May 10, 2017

“This is the best my sinus has been in my entire adult life.” Laurence O’Halloran, MD talks about his patient’s success using MicroGen DX

We sat down recently to talk to Dr. Laurence O’Halloran, an otolaryngologist, head and neck surgeon in Northern Virginia. He shared with us a story about a patient named Cathy who had previously suffered for many years with chronic sinus issues. After using Next Generation DNA sequencing to determine the root cause of her chronic condition with MicroGen DX*, Dr. O’Halloran was able to provide targeted treatment for Cathy which has lead to her experiencing great improvement. 

“I see a lot of patients with chronic sinusitis,” Dr. O’Halloran told us. “Cathy is a patient of mine. She had chronic sinusitis, approximately two infections every year, for over 10 years, since she was a teenager.” Dr. O’Halloran explained that Cathy, like so many people suffering with chronic sinus issues, wound up on a marry-go-round of ineffective treatment. “She would go

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