April 24, 2018

“With this test, you’re going to be the hero.” Roscoe Nelson, MD

“This is revolutionary. This is different. It’s unique. It’s the answer to what I’ve been looking for.”

We asked Roscoe Nelson, MD to share with us his experience in using MicroGen DX as a diagnostic tool to help patients dealing with infections, and his response was nothing short of enthusiastic.

“With this test,” he told us, “you’re going to be the hero a lot of times because before, I would have to go through, “Yes, your urine culture is negative. We’re going to treat you. We’re going to guess it’s this, we’re going to guess it’s that. We’re going to treat you.”

Since using MicroGen DX he has found the ability to be confident with his diagnosis. “Now, we come in and we say, “Look, this is what you have.” Oftentimes, this is not subtle.”

Dr. Nelson has been …

April 24, 2018

“I feel proud that I can get this treatment to the patients.” Lisa Zambrano, NP

Nurse Practitioner Lisa Zambrano works for the Urology Clinics of North Texas, and she sat down with us to share the experiences she has had working with doctors who use MicroGen DX to diagnose infections. MicroGen DX uses a two part test to accurately and quickly identify the microbes in a sample using their DNA. After using cultures to diagnose infections for most of her career, just as anyone in the medical care field has done, Lisa Zambrano was not quick to simply take MicroGen DX’s word for it that they would make a difference in the care of patients.

“When it was introduced,” she told us, “I was skeptical because you just never know what you’re going to get with a new test, but when you think about all the DNA testing that’s going on, it made sense that …

April 24, 2018

“It’s inordinately valuable for patients.” Keith Matheny, MD

Keith Matheny, MD, is a published researcher in his field, the recipient of many awards, and has practiced medicine for fifteen years. As an ENT doctor, he knows the importance to having the right diagnostic information when choosing a treatment. Recently he took the time to share with us his experience in using MicroGen DX’s two part DNA test to help clear his patients’ infectious conditions.

“There are so many patients,” Dr. Matheny told us, “that come to me out of frustration having been treated chronically with 7, 10, 14 days of antibiotics. Many patients have been extremely grateful to have a much more precise diagnosis of the true pathogen and then being able to treat it appropriately with confidence that their is susceptibility for the bacteria. It’s extremely helpful in identifying potential gene resistance. We truly as clinicians have

April 24, 2018

“It’s a win for me, it’s a win for the patient.” Lyle Haskell, D.P.M

Dr. Lyle Haskell has built a reputation over the past twenty five years as a compassionate, innovative and skilled provider in the fields of Podiatric Medicine and Foot & Ankle Surgery. In his effort to better care for his patients, Dr. Haskell tried MicroGen DX’s DNA based diagnostic testing and came to find that it benefitted both him and his patients enormously. He sat down with us to share his experience, and the drastic difference he has found between traditional cultures and MicroGen DX’s DNA based testing.

“Typical cultures and sensitivities could take a long period of time to do,” Dr. Haskell explained. “What’s nice about the DNA sequencing is, if we’re in a situation where we’re concerned, we can have the answers back in a few days.”

Dr. Haskell described the difference it makes to his care of …

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