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April 30, 2021

Next-Generation Sequencing Helps Clinicians Win the War Against Biofilm Infections

Chronic infection and chronic non-healing wounds are devastating to the patient, a challenge to the healthcare provider, and costly to the healthcare system. Quite often, the culprit is biofilm. Biofilm is a thin coating consisting of bacteria embedded in a moist, adhesive matrix covering living tissues and indwelling medical devices like catheters, stents, pacemakers, and prosthetics. This matrix protects the organism, making it resistant to phagocytosis by white blood cells and killing by antibiotics. Biofilms are a huge medical problem because they make bacterial infections extremely difficult to diagnose and treat. Biofilm and Antibiotic Tolerance/Resistance According to a study in […]
April 19, 2021
microgendx lab

MicroGenDX’s Next Generation Sequencing is a Clinician’s Best Tool

MicroGenDX Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) reports are the fastest and least expensive available today, providing clinicians with easy access to the most advanced microbial analysis technology Nearly 80,000 doctors and medical professionals depend on next generation sequencing by the MicroGenDX laboratory to identify and treat chronic bacterial and fungal infections in patients, analyzing precise data that impacts the speed and efficacy of treatments. MicroGenDX’s NGS is a form of molecular diagnostics that extracts DNA from a sample to look for the presence of more than 50,000 species of bacteria and fungi in its database, ensuring representation of viruses and parasites […]
July 30, 2020

“I would say, It SAVED a Life.” Patient Testimonial (Robert Taylor)

We had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Robert Taylor, a former prostatitis sufferer, to hear about his journey to healing. This is Robert’s story. “I suffered from prostatitis for probably the better part of two and a half years. I have to be honest with you, I would rather be stabbed again as a police officer in the line of duty than deal with prostatitis.” Robert Taylor laughed at his own comment, amused that such an absurd statement could be the truth, but for Robert and many like him, this was the truth. Robert is a retired police officer and veteran of the military, and he had […]
February 8, 2019

“Why aren’t you using this?” Eric L. Johnson, M.D.

Eric Johnson is the medical director of Bozeman Deaconess Wound and Hyperbaric Center. He is a clinical instructor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and past president of the Wilderness Medical Society. Dr. Johnson sat down with us to explain the difference Next Generation DNA Sequencing from MicroGenDX has made for his practice in properly identifying and treating microbial infections. “I’ve been be doing wound care at a couple of centers really since the middle 2000s,” he told us. “At that time, it was just standard swab culture. The data really didn’t ever seem to match what we […]
November 21, 2018

MicroGenDX featured on LifeTime Television

MicroGenDX was recently featured on LifeTime Television’s “The Balancing Act.” They had this to say: “MicroGenDX’s Next Generation DNA Sequencing delivers precise data for the diagnosis of infections with accurate microbial identification. Compared to traditional culture labs, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) identifies 100 percent of the microbes within a sample with 99.9 percent accuracy. Plus, NGS detects antibiotic resistance genes for eight antibiotic classes, and delivers an antibiotic recommendations sheet.” To read more, visit the Balancing Act at https://thebalancingact.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-the-next-generation-of-dna-sequencing/ Or visit MicroGenDX at microgendx.com You can watch part of the episode in the video below, shared from The Balancing Act’s YouTube channel. MicroGen Diagnostics https://www.facebook.com/microgendx/ […]
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