qPCR + Next-Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS)

The emerging gold standard for recurring infection diagnosis

MicroGenDX qPCR+NGS provides reliable, accurate, and actionable diagnostics that can help end frustration and pain for patients with chronic infections.

Choose MicroGenDX qPCR+NGS when diagnosing:

  • Patients not responding to current treatment
  • Culture-negative or inconclusive “mixed flora” infections
  • Cases where other causes have been ruled out View case studies
qPCR + NGSTraditional Culture

  • NGS detects all bacteria and fungi present in sample, without bias

  • qPCR will detect select known microbes that are associated with acute infections

  • Underestimates anaerobes, fungi, and fastidious organisms

  • Unable to detect viable but non-culturable (VBNC) and biofilms, both of which can lead to recurring infections


  • Detects up to 17 antimicrobial resistance genes, representing the in vivo resistance potential of the entire community (polymicrobial/biofilm)

  • Susceptibility represents single in vitro bacterium resistance — overlooking enhanced resistance afforded by in vivo communities (polymicrobial/biofilm) — which can lead to ineffective antimicrobial treatment


  • Same low cost per patient/incident, regardless of the number of microbes detected; most affordable combined qPCR+NGS in the industry

  • Costly for polymicrobial, anaerobic or fungal isolations


  • Resistance genes and common acute infection microbe results in 24-48 hours, and all clinically relevant bacteria and fungi in 3.5 days

  • Up to a week for anaerobes, up to multiple weeks for fungi

MicroGenDX is the industry leader in affordability for diagnostic testing

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Reduce specialist visit expenses
  • Minimize unnecessary antibiotic expenses and additional lab expenses
  • Minimize lost work time for your team
  • All MicroGenDX tests are billed under codes covered by Medicare, select Medicaid, and commercial plans
  • A discounted patient pay plan is also available