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Insurance and Payment

Our tests are covered by Medicare Part B, so no payment is required from the patients as long as they have traditional Medicare Part B

  • Medicare Advantage plan —patients could have co-pay, co-ins, and deductibles
  • Pre-Authorization is required for SOME Medicare Advantage plans

We are contracted with many state Medicaid plans, Tricare, and select commercial plans – patient payment outlay varies by plan View contracted plans

Important patient information: What patients need to know

Medicare/insurance: MicroGenDX will file claims to Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Medicaid Advantage, Federal Plans and All commercial plans EXCEPT Aetna Commercial Insurance.

Patient obligation: For any patient responsibility after insurance has processed, we will send you a statement. If Insurance reimburses the patient for service rendered by MicroGenDX, we will expect you to send us the check or make a payment in the amount that was reimbursed to you. If insurance does not pay, we will bill the patient directly for most of our standard tests.

Advance payment option: Tests can also be paid for in advance of use by the patient using the following methods:

  • Check or money order
  • Credit card
  • Calling the MicroGenDX Billing Department
  • Online through the MicroGenDX Patient Billing Portal
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