Next Generation Sequencing is Assisting Physicians in Successful Treatments of Microbial Infections

The Problem with Culture Testing and the Solution of Next Generation DNA Sequencing for accurately identifying microbes in chronic infections.

Medicine is Diagnose & Treat
The more accurate your diagnostic information, the better your treatment decisions will be.

Next Generation DNA Sequencing is the gold standard in delivering precise data in other areas of medicine, and now we are making this technology available to physicians for the diagnosis of Infections with accurate microbial identification.

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If you depend on culture methods to make treatment decisions, you now have options for a better approach.

Consider Next Generation DNA Sequencing.

Receive 99.9% accurate DNA guided evidence for your overall clinical acumen and confident decision-making.

Depend on MicroGenDX,
because your patients depend on you.

Traditional Culture Labs vs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Traditional Culture Labs

  • Samples must follow strict guidelines of being at the lab within 2 hours and kept at room temperature.
  • Less than 1% of known microbes will grow in traditional culture methods.
  • Cultures have a high probability of returning with “no growth” results.
  • Anaerobes are extremely difficult to grow in culture.
  • Fungi can take over 20 days to get a result.
  • It takes several diagnostic tests to identify anaerobes, aerobes, and fungi, costing the patient for each test.

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Samples are not easily affected by time and temperature.
  • We do not grow microbes. Our technology Extracts the Microbial DNA from each sample. Similar to lifting finger prints at a crime scene.
  • We can identify 100% of the microbes within a sample with 99.9% accuracy.
  • We return NGS results in 3-5 days. Lab results deliver all detected microbes against a data base of 50,000 known microbes.
  • All microbes and fungi can be tested within one test at one price.
  • We also detect antibiotic resistance genes for 17 antibiotic classes and deliver an antibiotic recommendations sheet.

Other PCR Labs

  • PCR is limited to the microbial species in the panel.
  • PCR panels are often 8-20 species or less.
  • PCR has no clinical value when the panel returns negative.
  • PCR will only confirm what you ask it to identify.

Our PCR & Next Generation Sequencing

  • Within 24 hrs we provide Quantitative PCR with bacterial load.
  • We also detect 10 known antibiotic resistance genes.
  • We can detect the sequence codes of more than 50,000 species.
  • Complete screening of the entire known microbial universe with 99.9% accuracy.

Answers to common misconceptions of molecular diagnostics for Microbes.

Our Dedication to Delivering Dependable Data

First, we apologize for any inconvenience due to receiving a negative report.

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Next Generation Sequencing and Biofilms
A better diagnostic tool

National Institute of Health stated “Biofilms are clinically important, accounting for over 80% of microbial infections in the body.”

The detection and identification of bacteria present in natural and industrial ecosystems is now entirely based on molecular systems that detect microbial RNA or DNA. Culture methods were abandoned in the 1980s, because direct observations showed that less than 1% of the bacteria in these systems grew on laboratory media.

- J.W. Costerton
Center for Genomic Sciences, Father of Biofilm Research

Learn more about the science and behavior of biofilms or “collaborative communities of microorganisms” and how treating the biofilm dramatically impacts outcomes.

5 Simple Steps

To better patient outcomes
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Collection Kits

Step 2 | Collect & Ship Samples

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Step 3 | Lab Results

PCR Results in 24hrs
NGS Results in 3-5 days

Step 4 | Targeted Treatments

Targeted Treatments
Based on DNA Evidence

Step 5 | Better Outcomes & More Heal Rates


CAP and CLIA Certified High Complexity Lab

"10 years consistent precision certified down to species level"

The MicroGenDX Laboratory utilizes Next Generation DNA Sequencing, the gold standard in molecular diagnostics to deliver microbial data to physicians nationwide. As we continue to assist physicians with the most significant diagnostic data using the most sophisticated DNA sequencing technology, our goal is to simplify our process and support you with the MicroGenDX website.

Southwest Regional PCR Laboratory, dba MicroGen Diagnostics, LLC, is a CAP-accredited and CLIA licensed clinical diagnostic laboratory.

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