Comprehensive qPCR + NGS 16S/ITS Testing

MicroGenDX offers over 30 specialized clinical diagnostic testing kits

MicroGenDX offers testing kits for a comprehensive array of medical specialties and infection types, including but not limited to:

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All MicroGenDX qPCR + NGS test results include:

In 24-48 hours

  • Identification of a few known pathogens that contribute to infection
  • Resistance gene identification and antimicrobials for consideration
  • Total microbial load in sample

In 3.5 days

  • Comprehensive identification of all bacteria and fungi in sample
  • Relative abundance of microbes that indicates dominant microbiota

MicroGenDX also offers direct colony identification

  • Rapidly speciate mycobacteria in 24 hrs (qPCR)
  • Differentiate and quantify all bacteria in 3.5 days (NGS)

12 years of 16S/ITS NGS testing quality and reliability

Species panelTest
Number of blinded samples per testTotal number of blinded specimensProficiency
IDR3 times per year for 7 years510598.1%
MRS-5M3 times per year for 12 years5180100%
F13 times per year for 12 years518098.30%
D83 times per year for 12 years518099.40%
VRE2 times per year for 12 years250100%
GIP3 times per year for 4 years560100%
HC-63 times per year for 3 years545100%
TVAG2-3 times per year for 2 years32190.50%
Alternate3 times per year for 12 years6216100%
See species panel keyBlinded specimen
total: 1,037
Mean accuracy rate: 99.2%

MicrogGenDX also provides additional DNA sequencing services, such as custom 16S and whole genome

For more information about custom and whole genome sequencing, please email our customer service team.