Next-Gen DNA Sequencing for Precise Microbial Diagnosis of Periodontal Infections


Why you should choose PerioDX Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for your patients with Periodontal Disease.

  • PCR is inadequate to diagnose as needed. Current saliva testing for Periodontal disease, is limited to microbes in the panel tested. Disease-causing microbes can easily be missed using PCR alone. NGS is the most-advanced technology available for the Identification of microbes in disease, and for monitoring the progression in levels of microbes during a treatment plan.
  • PerioDX offers superior sampling method that offers you the flexibility to test saliva, periodontal pockets, or combine both samples for a comprehensive test result.
  • Biofilms have a major impact on Periodontal disease. Only PerioDX using Next Generation Sequencing can identify the organisms contributing to biofilm formation and persistence.

PCRNext-Gen DNA Sequencing
Rapid Turn Around TimeDetects all Microbes including Aerobes, Anaerobes, Facultative anaerobes and Fungal Species
Limited panel detects 8-35 of the most common species of microbesCan identify 50,000+ microbes with 99.9% accurate detection
May NOT detect species if mutatedIdentifies all microbes by percentage of the unique DNA found in the sample
Could miss dominant species within the infection6,500+ microbes identified in human tests to date




You can choose Saliva, or Saliva-Plus pocket sampling. In addition to saliva, we can process samples from deep in periodontal pockets. This will give you a more comprehensive diagnostic result versus saliva alone. Combine both collection methods in one bio-hazard bag and this will be run as one test.

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Answers to commonly asked questions:

1How do I get started?
Simply click here to set up your account.
2How do I complete the Lab requisition for each patient?

Please complete as shown here:

Oral Health Lab Req

3If I choose to sample multiple areas of the mouth, and take a saliva sample as well, will these be tested together for a single result?
Yes, just ensure that all of the samples are in ONE bio-hazard bag, and the lab requisition is included in the pocket.
4Can I combine samples from different patients in the same shipment?
Yes, you can put multiple samples in each FEDEX box and send them together.
5Where can I access my results once they become available?

Log into the lab portal at to receive your results in 3-5 days.

MDXPortal Login

6How do I get access to the test result portal?

You may access your results by registering for a Lab Portal ( account. Click Here to Sign Up for Portal Access. Once your Lab Portal account has been approved, you can use your log in and password to access your patient’s results.

See Set-Up Process Below

Lab Portal Sign-Up

7What if I have questions about my test result?
Please email [email protected]

MicroGendx laboratory:

Is the world leader in Next Generation DNA Sequencing in the field of microbial identification. MicroGenDX has processed over 350,000 human samples for thousands of physicians across the country.

We’re confident our multi-level solution combining the best in PCR and Next-Gen DNA Sequencing is the KEY to improving patient care.


For Questions, please call or email our customer service team

[email protected]

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