Next-gen DNA sequencing now available for dental offices

MicroGenDX is proud to be partnering with Perio Protect to bring state-of-the-art microbial diagnostics in Periodontal disease with the launch of PerioDX. MicroGenDX is the world's most experienced lab for Microbial Identification using Next Generation DNA Sequencing. Already well established in medicine and research, this accurate technology is now available to the dental profession.


PCRNext-Gen DNA Sequencing
Rapid Turn Around TimeDetects all Microbes including Aerobes, Anaerobes, Facultative anaerobes and Fungal Species
Limited panel detects 8-35 of the most common species of microbesCan identify 50,000+ microbes with 99.9% accurate detection
May NOT detect species if mutatedIdentifies all microbes by percentage of the unique DNA found in the sample
Could miss dominant species within the infection6,500+ microbes identified in human tests to date




You can choose Saliva, or Saliva-Plus pocket sampling. In addition to saliva, we can process samples from deep in periodontal pockets. This will give you a more comprehensive diagnostic result versus saliva alone. Combine both collection methods in one bio-hazard bag and this will be run as one test.

Answers to commonly asked questions:

1How are samples submitted?
Samples for one or more patients are placed in a provided shipping box, which has a pre-paid FedEx label. Samples can be dropped into any FedEx drop box, or you may call for a FedEx pick-up.
2When can I expect the results?
Results are normally available to you in approximately 5 business days.
3How do I get started?
Simply click here to set up your account.
4How am I billed?
According to the billing information you provide when you purchase the test kit.
5How do I access my patients results?
Your patients results will be available in approximately 5 business days on the MicroGenDX portal.
6What if I have questions?
If you have questions on how to interpret the lab report, you can call 1-855-208-0019

MicroGendx laboratory:

Is the world leader in Next Generation DNA Sequencing in the field of microbial identification. MicroGenDX has processed over 350,000 human samples for thousands of physicians across the country.

We’re confident our multi-level solution combining the best in PCR and Next-Gen DNA Sequencing is the KEY to improving patient care.


For Questions, please call or email our customer service team

[email protected]

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