Wound Care
Empowering Wound Care Physicians with DNA Level Certainty.

Superior Diagnostics leads to Targeted Treatments and Faster Healing.

Patient was scheduled for below the knee amputation. After successful Next Generation DNA Sequencing diagnosis, patient walked out of the doctor’s office 12 weeks later, wound healed & leg intact.

  1. Superior Diagnostics
    Our NGS diagnostics sequences the codes of over 50,000 microbes to deliver accurate data for your clinical decision-making to target the species causing the infection with DNA guided certainty.
  2. Statistical DNA Evidence
    DNA Sequencing of microbes paired with customized topical antibiotics has shown in published studies to improve heal rates from 48.5%- 90.4%.
  3. Rapid Delivery of Lab Results
    PCR Results in 24hrs, NGS Results delivered in 3-5 days.

Wound Lab Report Example

Antibiotic Recommendation Sheet Accompanies Lab Report

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Traditional Culture Labs vs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

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Traditional Culture Labs

  • Samples must follow strict guidelines of being at the lab within 2 hours and kept at room temperature.
  • Less than 1% of known microbes will grow in traditional culture methods.
  • Cultures have a high probability of returning with “no growth” results.
  • Anaerobes are extremely difficult to grow in culture.
  • Fungi can take over 20 days to get a result.
  • It takes several diagnostic tests to identify anaerobes, aerobes, and fungi, costing the patient for each test.

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Samples are not easily affected by time and temperature.
  • We do not grow microbes. Our technology Extracts the Microbial DNA from each sample. Similar to lifting finger prints at a crime scene.
  • We can identify 100% of the microbes within a sample with 99.9% accuracy.
  • We return NGS results in 3-5 days. Lab results deliver all detected microbes against a data base of 50,000 known microbes.
  • All microbes and fungi can be tested within one test at one price.
  • We also detect Antibiotic resistance genes for 7 antibiotic classes and deliver an antibiotic recommendations sheet.

Other PCR Labs

  • PCR is limited to the microbial species in the panel.
  • PCR panel are often 8-20 species or less.
  • PCR has no clinical value when the panel returns negative.
  • PCR will only confirm what you ask it to identify.

Our PCR & Next Generation Sequencing

  • Within 24 hrs we provide Quantitative PCR with bacterial load.
  • We also detect 8 known antibiotic resistance genes.
  • We can detect the Sequence codes of more than 50,000 species.
  • Complete screening of the entire known microbial universe with 99.9% accuracy.

Specificity You Deserve for Precise Treatment Decisions.

MicroGenDX offers Wound Care Specialists Next-Gen Sequencing, a superior diagnostic tool over culture and PCR detection methods. Our High Complexity Laboratory extracts the DNA of all the microbes within a sample and matches those sequence codes to all 50,000+ known microbial species with a 99.9% accuracy rate. When you get precise data of the causative microbes you can have confidence in your clinical treatment plan while raising your level of care with a higher standard of antibiotic stewardship. Truly targeted antimicrobial treatments can clear the infection faster.


5 Simple Steps to Better Patient Outcomes

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1. Request Sample Collection Kits
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Wound Sample Kit

Wound Sample Kit Contents

  • 1 Red Cap Specimen Tube with Swab
  • 1 Plastic Lab Bag with Absorbent Cloth
  • 1 Carton Box with Pre-Pasted FedEx label

Please use the form below to order kits. Feel free to call with any questions: 1-855-208-0019

2. Proper Sampling Techniques
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Sample Collection Instructions

Shipping Instructions

Prepare the shipping box

  1. To assemble the Category B shipping box, begin to fold the top up.
  2. The side with 4 holes is the bottom.
  3. Fold small flaps in (2) so they are hovering over the holes.
  4. Next, fold the side up and into the box (3) to hold the small flaps in place.
  5. Press the sides down slightly (4) so there are 2 folded edges (inside top and outer top); the notches go into the four holes in the bottom.

Packing the sample and shipping

  1. Place the prepared specimen bag containing the sample and order form (5) into the box.
  2. Fold the side into the interior of the box (6).
  3. Push the top down (7).
  4. Finally, hold the tabs into the box and push the front in (8). *Please tape the front shut for extra security.

Note: More than one specimen transport bag can be placed in one shipping container. However, only one sample and one order form should be placed in a sample bag.

3. PCR Results in 24 hours, NGS Results in 3-5 Business Days
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Understanding Your Lab Results and Antibiotic Recommendations Sheet

MicroGenDX delivers easy-to-understand results, quickly. Within 24 hours you receive PCR level 1 and within 5 days you receive NGS Level 2 with exact percentage, type of bacteria and fungi present in patient sample. We also provide a complete list of applicable antibiotics to let doctors decide best care for patients.

PCR Rapid Screening: Panel Results

24 hours
It starts with PCR PCR Rapid Screening, often with a turnaround time of only 24 hours from receipt of sample. The specimen is examined for the most commonly identified microbes of interest within the field of medicine serviced. Approximately 80% of PCR Rapid Screening samples are positive for at least one pathogenic microbe.

Our PCR Level I for wound and nail detects the microbes listed on the lab request form. Scope is specific to 7 bacterial species, Candida albicans, MRSA, VanA and total bacterial load. Quantitative results on tissue and fluid samples. Semi-quantitative results on swab samples.

We primer our tests to identify these microbes in our 24 hour Rapid Results:

  • Methicillin resistance
  • Vancomycin resistance
  • Beta-lactam
  • Carbapenem
  • Macrolide
  • Aminoglycoside
  • Tetracycline
  • Enterococcus faecalis
  • Streptococcus agalactiae (group B)
  • Streptococcus pyogenes (group A)
  • Enterococcus faecium
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Candida albicans
  • Trichophyton rubrum

PCR Rapid Screening Results are a Quantitative PCR panel of 8 microbes. The PCR panel tells you the Total Bacteria Load: Low, Medium, or High. Providing the numerical value of the bacteria, such as 10 to the fifth power. PCR Rapid Screening PCR will also detect bacteria resistance for MRSA; mech A positive or Van A – Vancomycin resistant enterococci.

Next-Generation Sequencing Comprehensive Results

3-5 days
Decodex Microbial Genetic Identfication is the first universally comprehensive bacterial and fungal diagnostic test. It provides a comparative DNA sequencing analysis that determines with DNA-level accuracy which microbes are present and in what relative abundance.

Scope is comprehensive (all known bacteria, yeast, and fungi). While PCR Rapid Screening is rapid, Level 2 is comprehensive, critical for polymicrobial specimens of high diversity (chronic wounds, prosthetic joint, etc.). Both are free of cultivation limitations. Results are typically reported within 3-5 business days of receipt. Our Level 2 testing identifies genetic signatures and the estimated percentage of bacteria and fungal organisms present in the specimen. All detected bacteria are listed first, in order of prominence. To the right of each bacteria you can review the percentage detected. If detected, fungi is listed next.Once identified, medications can be selected to specifically address the infection for a precise treatment… and expedite healing.

Resistence information

The final column on Page One is Resistance Information. Here we list other detections that impact treatment. For example, our test detects when the mecA or VanA gene is present – these strains allow bacteria to be resistant to certain antibiotics. Resistance information is also provided below these three columns and includes the undetected PCR Rapid Screening microbes, and undetected antibiotic resistance markers. When the bacterial species is one that can be grown in traditional culture, e-coli for example, you should take into consideration local resistance patterns. These local resistance patterns can be obtained from your hospital anti-biogram. Remember this is only applicable to the 25 to 30 species that are reported in culture.

4. Targeted Treatments Based on DNA Guided Evidence
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Determine Treatment Plan

Targeted antibiotic recommendations allow doctors to make informed, targeted decisions for treatment. Targeted treatment results in faster healing. And faster healing means less expense. These are the Better Outcomes you can expect from MicroGenDX.

Antibiotic Recommendations:

Treatment recommendations are listed in order of IV, PO or topical for personalized treatment solutions. Many antibiotics classified as “IV Only” can still be used in customized topical compounds. Please note, the list of antibiotics is not all-inclusive. It is only there to provide you with options. Page Two of your Diagnostic Results is the Antibiotics Recommendations. The top column lists the identified bacteria and fungi in the specimen by percentage of DNA – and if the microbes are gram negative, positive, aerobic, anaerobic or facultative anaerobes. On the far left is the list of antibiotics recommended. The antibiotic recommendations are based on clinical studies where the antibiotic has been shown to be effective against that specific species.

5. Better Outcomes
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Better Patient Outcomes

With a 100% accuracy rate in identification for the past 6 years by CAP and CLIA, MicroGenDX looks forward to hearing your success stories and becoming your reliable partner in finding superior diagnostics, determining targeted treatment, and providing physicians and patients with better outcomes.

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Our Dedication to Delivering Dependable Data

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