You have been contacted by MicroGenDX because your physician has ordered a cutting edge test from our MicroGen Diagnostics laboratory in Lubbock, TX. This test uses Next Generation DNA Sequencing to identify and quantitate the bacteria and fungus that are present in your sample, resulting in targeted treatment, superior diagnostics and better outcomes.

We strive to maintain quality care and customer service which includes keeping you informed of our procedures. While many insurances provide coverage for the services we provide, others do not, or may require a higher out of pocket cost. To ensure that patients are aware of this, your physician should have explained and requested that you sign the bottom of our lab requisition. This consent outlines the potential dollar impact to the yourself, eliminating unexpected bills or insurance denials potentially resulting in delays with your results.

If you have received a call, your insurance fits into one of the above categories and you have been notified of next steps based on your insurance coverage; either Pay Now or put your Card on File.

What does PAY NOW mean?

If you have Aetna, we do not submit patient claims to your insurance because they do not cover our test. Therefore, we request that you "PAY NOW" at our discounted self-pay price of $199. You will then receive a $0 balance statement and your results will not be delayed.

What does CARD ON FILE mean?

If you were told that you have an insurance that is highly likely to not cover our test, we request that you "PUT YOUR CARD ON FILE". By doing so, we will only run your card after we have submitted your claim to your insurance and received your EOB (explanation of benefits) which outlines the cost you are responsible for paying. This amount could vary depending on your plan deductible, coinsurance and/or copay, and may be higher than our discount offered to uninsured (self-pay) patients. Once processed, you will then receive a $0 balance statement from MicroGenDX.

Please call our Customer Service Center if you have any questions: 855-208-0091 option #1.

We welcome any questions or concerns you may have.

In the meantime, if you would like further information regarding our technology, Click Here