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Recalcitrant infections

State-of-the-art qPCR+NGS provides actionable diagnostics that can bring an end to the cycle of frustration and pain a chronically-infected UTI, prostate, or implant patient endures. Choose qPCR+NGS when diagnosing:

  • Culture-negative infections
  • Patients not responding to current treatment
  • Cases where other causes have been ruled out

MicroGenDX knows urological DNA diagnostics

MicroGenDX is the only molecular lab that has:

  • A published randomized outcome study showing its test is superior to culture, as defined by relief of symptoms
  • Identified over 5,800 different microbial species in urine, with more than 157,000 urological samples processed
  • Published data showing 96.1% concordance with culture and 12 years of CAP proficiency test results with 99.2% accuracy

NGS tells us it’s not always E.coli

Ecoli Pie Graph

E. coli may be the dominant cause for acute UTI — but for recurrent UTIs, causes are highly variable and ideal candidates for qPCR+NGS from MicroGenDX.

Among the 157,000 urine samples processed, MicroGenDX identified about 5,800 urine bacteria species and found E.coli the dominant species in only 28% of cases.


  1. McDonald M, Kameh D, et al. A Head-to-Head Comparative Phase II Study of Standard Urine Culture and Sensitivity Versus DNA Next-generation Sequencing Testing for Urinary Tract Infections. Rev Urol. 2017; 19(4): 213–220. doi: 10.3909/riu0780
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