MicroGenDX Patient Testimonials

Amazing turnaround for results and pleasant ease of use. Terrific staff in customer service who are very responsive! Nick Koenig was very helpful in searching for results, getting me signed up with release form and stayed on until I had everything. I have already ordered my second kit!!

Paul C.

Women are getting misdiagnosed since the doctors refuse to use the technology and have no idea how painful these UTI’s are. So next time you have a UTI please find a doctor from the MicroGenDX company that uses their labs. You will not regret it.”


This lab (MicroGenDX) helped me when I was feeling pretty hopeless, their technology found my infection no one believed I had. Their technology is wonderful, but the kindness of their staff compares to no other place I’ve ever been. I met some of the kindest, compassionate people I’ve ever met using their services. I cannot say enough good things about them."

Karen K.

I’ve suffered with chronic prostatitis for over 20 years. This involved a carousel of urologists and misdiagnoses that exposed me to improper use of antibiotics. I didn’t begin to experience relief until my healthcare provider introduced me to PathoGenius(now MicroGenDX) a few years ago. This cutting-edge technology has provided keen insights on how to leverage DNA sequencing which properly diagnosed stealth pathogens that can cause a lifetime of misery.

Recently, MicroGenDX came to my rescue after taking two urinalyses came back false negative. If not for your granularity, I’d still be suffering with no help for my condition. A paradigm shift needs to occur in urological circles and I pray the MicroGenDX never shuts its doors for people like me. I appreciate all that you’ve done and look forward to MicroGenDX leading the way in revolutionizing conventional treatment in urology!"

So grateful,


A year ago I had a UTI that was mistreated for several weeks that ended up turning into a terribly painful kidney infection. I spent 3 days in the hospital where their culture test reported E. coli as the problem and I was yet again put on the wrong antibiotics. Fortunately, I had sent in a urine sample to MicroGenDX the day I went into the hospital (on my own). Within a couple days back home from the hospital I began feeling kidney pain again. After reviewing both the hospital culture report and the MicroGenDX report I brought these reports back to the hospital so the doctor could see them both side by side. I was in a great deal of back pain, very frustrated, and scared that this infection is getting worse causing damage to my kidneys! My MicroGenDX PCR and Next Generation DNA Sequencing report said 3% was E. coli and the actual cause of my infection was 82% Enterobacter hormaechei, 82%! This is a bug they would have never found using standard culture tests. My story ends well ONLY because of MicroGenDX! Within 24hrs of being put on the correct antibiotic to treat that bug I was feeling better, and within a few days the nightmare was completely over.”


Chicago, IL

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