The MicroGenDX Guarantee for Negative Lab Reports


First, we apologize for any inconvenience due to receiving a negative report.

Our technology requires DNA to be within the sample. Here is why you may have received a negative report.

5 reasons your sample may have been compromised

  1. Sample was collected from a site where there was no microbial species.
  2. Biocides or Lidocaine at 4% or higher was on the sample.
  3. Sample contained an overabundance of host DNA.
  4. Sample contained only non-viable material – ie, pus, mucus.
  5. In the case of urine an antibiotic active metabolite was in the sample vial and degraded the DNA. This can occur if the patient is on antibiotics.

Our Dedication to Delivering Dependable Data.

As part of our standard process, we run your sample multiple times before determining a Negative Report.

When we do not achieve the threshold of DNA reads in the sample (due to one of the factors above) we will rerun the sample 2 additional times. This will result in a delay in delivery of your report.

If after these repeated runs the result is still negative we encourage you to collect another sample and send in for analysis.

We offer a Second Sample Run at No Additional Charge:

If after 3 runs the report is Negative or Inconclusive we will run a new sample (from the same patient, initial sample type and area) at No Additional Charge.

If sending in anther sample due to a Negative Report please note: Sample technique is critical for best results.

Limit the chance of receiving a Negative Lab Report

By following the “How to collect a Sample” guidelines, as good results depend on proper sample collection at the infection site.

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