January 24, 2018
Dr. Dean Tortorelis (at left) and Dr. Joseph Cerny

More than meets the eye: Innovative technology spots bacteria previously undetected

Two Robbinsdale urologists leading the way regionally in treating chronic infections 


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 Two physicians in the Urology Associates group at North Memorial Health Hospital, Dr. Joseph Cerny and Dr. Dean Tortorelis, have harnessed cutting-edge technology, used by National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the Martian Rover, to get a leg up on hidden strains of bacteria that are responsible for recurrent urinary tract and prostate infections.

The science behind the technology is far more earthbound than it sounds. Based in a laboratory in Lubbock, Texas, MicroGenDX is the innovative testing technology that has enabled Cerny and Tortorelis to offer patients a chance to cure their UTIs and prostatitis for good. The testing enables bacteria that doesn’t show on normal lab cultures to be detected, which means more effective treatments for patients.

The two are among the first …

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