"This made a significant difference in the patient's care and his outcome." Michael Waters, DO | MicroGen Diagnostics

“This made a significant difference in the patient’s care and his outcome.” Michael Waters, DO

We were recently fortunate to talk with Michael Waters, DO, a urologist practicing in the coastal Alabama region about his success using MicroGen DX for his clinical decision-making.

“I have number of patients who’ve come to me who I’m certain have an infection,” he told us. “They’re symptomatic. In my practice, average of 30-35% of cultures have returned no growth when I’m actually certain the patient does have an infection. What was most surprising for me is the results I got back.

How eye opening it was, especially patients with chronic illness, chronic infections.

“My first patient, I used a Pathogenius/ Microgen DX. It was a patient with chronic hematospermia. The patient had multiple urinalysis, multiple cultures. All negative. He had seen multiple physicians for a number of years. An MRI was performed to the pelvis demonstrating some mild symptoms of vesiculitis. The ultrasound was negative for abscess. Calcifications, his PSA was within normal limits. When we got the semen analysis back, the Pathogenius / MicroGen DX showed a biofilm in effect of anaerobic bacteria.

“This made a significant difference in the patient’s care and his outcome. I’m not sure what would have happened if I hadn’t come across the pathogenius/ MicroGen DX technique and DNA sequencing.

When I was able to provide him with targeted therapy and placed him on antibiotics he’d never been on before and get him turned around like he did. The last time I saw the patient he just gave me a hug. It was a great relief for him.

“The results and the quality results that I get with Pathogenius/ MicroGen dx the confidence it gives me for treating my patients, I would have to say to my colleagues, at least give it a try. Take your most difficult patients’ chronic infections and at least try it on maybe 10 patients and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your practice. I think it will actually make a significant difference in the quality of life of some of these patients that have been frustrated for years.

“One clear-cut impact that the Pathogenius/ Microgen dx company has made for my practice is the accessibility to my results. I found it extremely valuable to be able to receive patients’ results within 24 hours at times or level two sequencing DNA, sequencing results within 72 hours and actually receive information via email. Some of my happiest patients in my practice are patients who had chronic illness who’ve now had appropriate treatment delivered because I performed DNA sequencing through Pathogenius/ MicroGen DX on these patients.
“I would say to my colleagues is just give it a chance.”

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