"MicroGen DX gives us the right key." Nabeel Syed, MD | MicroGen Diagnostics

“MicroGen DX gives us the right key.” Nabeel Syed, MD

Nabeel Syed, MD, graduated from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio in 1989, and today practices at the Urology Clinics of North Texas. He shared with us the experience he has had in using MicroGen DX to help his patients. 

“We use MicroGen DX in patients basically to try and pinpoint the exact type of infection that they’re having,” he told us. “We have a range of thousands of different bacteria that it can detect for.

Using the next-gen sequencing, it really helps to identify the appropriate antibiotic.”

The next-gen sequencing he spoke of is Next Generation DNA sequencing, and it is one of the things that makes MicroGen DX unique in the world if diagnostics. Their lab is entirely dedicated to using the most advanced DNA testing to get the most accurate information about a patient sample, and so, unlike traditional cultures, they do not grow anything in their labs. Instead, they extract the DNA from the sample and compare it to a database of more than 50,000 species. To date, MicroGen DX has identified more than 6,500 species of microbes in patient samples, all without growing a single culture on a petri dish. While this departure from the norm makes some physicians wary, the experience of those who have tried it, such as Dr. Syed, has been exceptional.

Dr. Syed contrasted the experience he and his colleagues have had in using traditional culture methods to diagnose an infection with the success they have experienced in using MicroGen DX.

“We never had a tool before that would work,” he explained, “so I would try three or four different antibiotics and if I get the right one, it’s like, “Yes, I got the right one.” Now, I can use MicroGen and actually know with some confidence that this is the one that’s going to work.

Dr. Syed explained to us that the benefit of the MicroGen DX lab report went beyond the identification of bacterial and fungal species. The lab report provides PCR results in 24 hours of receipt of the sample, and complete NGS results in four days.

Dr. Syed shared with us how useful it is to know what species of microbe were found in a sample, and the benefit of having certainty which traditional cultures could not give. “Not only that,” he continued,  “but it breaks down the different bacteria as to one that’s the ringleader of the organisms and you can try and get that one whittled down. You have an accurate result that’s delivered fast, that can give you a broad range of different bacteria and you can treat them with appropriate antibiotics for that particular patient.”

“The advantage to MicroGen is that it gives us the right key.”

The MicroGen DX report offers a list of antibiotics and antifungals which have been shown to be effective against the species discovered in the sample. Dr. Syed described the benefit of having this information. “As far as figuring out the correct antibiotic for the patient,” he said, “it’s like a key and a lock. You have to have an appropriate antibiotic for the specific organism that you have. The advantage to MicroGen is that it gives us the right key.”

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