The MicroGen DX Laboratory: Next-Gen Sequencing; Superior Diagnostics Simplified


More than 50 million Americans suffer from infections every year, including Wound, Nail, Urinary, Joint and Sinus Infections. Research has shown infections that are not cleared can move to a biofilm phenotype creating a barrier to healing and lead to a chronic infection disease state.

These chronic infections are not caused by “single pathogens” but rather “Biofilms” or “Collaborative Communities” of multiple species of bacteria and fungi.

We now know there are over 50,000 species of microbes and 99% of them can not be identified using the traditional culture method.

Next Generation DNA Sequencing is the gold standard in delivering precise data in other areas of medicine, and now we are making this technology available to physicians for the diagnosis of Infections with accurate microbial identification.

The MicroGen DX Process Is Simple: The sample collection methods virtually remain the same. However, when the sample arrives at our lab we extract the microbial DNA from the specimen and you receive our PCR test results in just 24hrs.
In just 3-5 days you’ll have the results of our Next Generation DNA Sequencing that correctly identifies ALL the microbes from your sample, matching the DNA sequence codes for 25,000 microbial species with 99.9% accuracy.

Our Next-Gen Sequencing report even breaks down the percentages of the species detected, identifying the major contributing species in the infection.

Identifying the exact causative microbes provides physicians with the precise information they need to make confident treatment decisions based on solid DNA evidence, not guess work.

This knowledge ensures targeted antibiotic selection leading to better Antibiotic Stewardship and overall health of your patients during their treatment regiments.

MicroGen DX Laboratory is a High Complexity Lab located in Lubbock, TX. We use Next Generation DNA Sequencing to accurately identify all the microbes within a sample taken at the site of suspected infection to deliver our clients the most comprehensive lab report for microbial identification for clinical decision-making.

Our youtube channel is dedicated to offering knowledge of proper sampling techniques, infection and chronic infection success stories from physicians and patients. We also have playlists that include the American Society of Microbiology about the use of NGS in clinical use and its applications. We are excited to assist physicians with better data on the microbes causing the infection and seeing the targeted and successful treatments that follow using our laboratory.

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