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COVID-19 Test Service (Healthcare Providers & Pharmacists) Test Dropship


Healthcare Providers & Pharmacists may purchase Prepaid COVID-19 Tests to have on hand at their offices for their patients. At this time all COVID-19 test services are Prepay only, with the exception of Medicare patients. MicroGenDX will bill Medicare accordingly. Please add Medicare Member ID on each lab requisition form.

Due to FDA guidelines, sample collection must be under healthcare provider supervision.

MicroGenDX is not a Hawaii Trusted testing Provider. DO NOT order a MicroGenDX COVID-19 test in order to travel to Hawaii. MicroGenDX is the reference laboratory for City Health Urgent Care ( Any MicroGenDX test for travel NOT ordered through City Health Urgent Care is NOT compliant with Hawaii. Please go to to order your COVID tests for travel to Hawaii.

All instructions for sample taking will be provided in the materials you receive.

This is a highly sensitive and contagious sample. Please follow all sample taking instructions closely.

No refunds will be issued for COVID-19 Test Kit purchases. All sales are final.


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U0004, U0005

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