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“I trust it implicitly” Margarita Johnson, MD

We sat down for a brief interview with Margarita Johnson, MD, who practices at Urology Clinics of North Texas. She talked with us about the frustrations faced when an infection causes symptoms in a patient, yet the cultures return no information about the causative microbes.

“You do miss a lot of the bacteria,” she said about her experience with traditional cultures. “The patient’s frustrated because sometimes they think they’re crazy because they have the symptoms and nothing is coming back. I’m frustrated because I have this patient that thinks she has a urinary tract infection. I have no answers for her.”

Dr. Johnson then explained the difference MicroGen DX has made to her and to her patients.

“Then the [MicroGen DX] test actually detected multiple bacterias. It was really nice. You can actually then really give the patient the correct antibiotic.”

The MicroGen DX test is a two part test which uses PCR and NGS to discover the identity of the microbes in a sample based on the DNA of the microbes. Because the lab doesn’t have to wait for the microbes to grow, or worry about the ability of species to be grown in cultures, as many cannot, the results are faster and much more accurate than with traditional cultures. The report provided by MicroGen DX also lists the antibiotics or antifungals which are known to be effective against the species found in the sample. To give physicians even more peace of mind, the test detects the presence of eight different antibiotic resistance genes which would reduce the effectiveness of a typically effective antibiotic.

Dr. Johnson explained to us how the accuracy of the MicroGen DX test has helped her to care for her patients with confidence, and without the anxiety caused by the failures of traditional cultures.

“I definitely have great confidence, and trust it implicitly…”

“I definitely have great confidence,” she said, “and trust it implicitly in terms of giving me the correct bacteria, the antibiotic that I can give the patient. There’s just this peace of mind that I’m doing the right thing for the patient with the MicroGen.”

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Margarita Johnson, MD
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