"It's a win for me, it's a win for the patient." Lyle Haskell, D.P.M | MicroGen Diagnostics

“It’s a win for me, it’s a win for the patient.” Lyle Haskell, D.P.M

Dr. Lyle Haskell has built a reputation over the past twenty five years as a compassionate, innovative and skilled provider in the fields of Podiatric Medicine and Foot & Ankle Surgery. In his effort to better care for his patients, Dr. Haskell tried MicroGen DX’s DNA based diagnostic testing and came to find that it benefitted both him and his patients enormously. He sat down with us to share his experience, and the drastic difference he has found between traditional cultures and MicroGen DX’s DNA based testing.

“Typical cultures and sensitivities could take a long period of time to do,” Dr. Haskell explained. “What’s nice about the DNA sequencing is, if we’re in a situation where we’re concerned, we can have the answers back in a few days.”

Dr. Haskell described the difference it makes to his care of patients to be able to have the answers in only days. He contrasted for us the guesswork doctors can be forced into while waiting for lengthy and often unreliable culture tests with the confidence doctors such as himself can have with the MicroGen DX test, which returns PCR results in 24 hours and NGS in only four days.

“That makes a huge difference,” he told us, “because we can right away start treating those patients with not just a guess as to how we want to treat them from an antibacterial, antifungal protocol.”

When asked what he would say about his experience to his colleagues, Dr. Haskell stressed the importance of having the right information.

“I would tell other practitioners that want to be complete and want to be knowledgeable about what they’re treating,” Dr. Haskell told us, “and why they’re treating the ones that they are.

This gives us valuable information that helps us be more complete in our care.”

He also told us that he would share the affordability of the MicroGen DX test. While not all insurance plans cover this test yet, many already do. Some offices may find that the majority of their patients already have coverage for the MicroGen DX testing.

However, even those who have to pay the cost of the test out of pocket will find that it can save them money by shortening the duration of their treatment. The cost for a patient out of pocket* will never exceed $200, where as spending several weeks on ineffective medications can easily surpass that, especially when it leads to continuing follow up visits to the physician. Better diagnostic information leads to more targeted treatment. Having treatment based on good information turns the revolving door of chronic infection into a road to success for both doctors and patients.

“Most of these cases are covered,” Dr. Haskell explained. “In the rare cases where it’s not covered, the cost is very reasonable. It’s a really important information for us to have. It’s very cost-effective information for us to have as well.

It’s a win-win. It’s a win for me, it’s a win for the patient.”

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Dr. Haskell can be contacted at the following:
Lyle Haskell, D.P.M.
1105 Central Expressway, Allen TX, 75013
(972) 727-7060

*As of the writing of this article.

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