Prior to handling objects of this package, please follow the important steps below

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before you handle the contents of this box
  2. Wash hands thoroughly before you build the FedEx transport box and place Lab Bag inside the box (per Step 5 of Shipping Instructions)

Welcome to MicroGenDX
COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials

Our COVID-19 sample materials are designed to give you the answers you deserve quickly with DNA-level accuracy to allow your physician to make guided treatment decisions.

The COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials Includes

  1. MicroGenDX COVID-19 Lab Requisition Form
  2. BioHazard Lab Bag
  3. Sputum Collection Vial
    1. Specimen Label for 2 Patient Identifiers
    2. Red MicroGenDX Transport Security Sticker
    3. OR
    4. Sputum Collection Cup
  4. Prepaid MicroGenDX Transport Box with Red MicroGenDX Sticker

Preparing the Specimen Container Label

  1. Write first & last name and date of birth on label using permanent marker.
    1. Cup: Write on cup label
    2. Vial: Write on specimen label

Collecting Sputum Sample to Test for COVID-19 Virus

We will be asking you to collect a sample by spitting into a cup. Please read and carefully follow the steps below.

  1. Rinse mouth with water and then wait 30 minutes prior to taking the sample after eating, using mouthwash, chewing tobacco or tobacco dip.
  2. Open the lid of the container.
  3. Place a tissue over your mouth and nose and hold with one hand while holding the container with the other hand.
  4. Try coughing as strong as you can while holding the tissue over your nose and mouth.
  5. When you are ready, spit saliva/phlegm into the cup.

    NOTE: In order to have enough sputum, allow your mouth to produce more saliva and spit multiple times into the container. Spitting 2-3 times into the container should provide enough material for testing.

    *Blue fluid is used as an example of amount of fluid needed from the patient.
  6. Close the cap by following instructions on next page to secure your cup/vial.

    Please note: If lid comes off and there is leakage, we will destroy the sample for the safety of our lab technicians and your sample will NOT be processed.

Cup Instructions

  1. If possible, rinse outside of cup to remove any excess sputum. Let it dry.
  2. Secure sample container lid
    1. If cup has arrows - line up the two arrows and turn until you hear two clicks. This means the cup is locked.
    2. If cup does not have arrows - Turn lid slowly and firmly to make sure the cap is secure.

      Please note: If lid comes off and there is leakage, we will destroy the sample for the safety of our lab technicians and your sample will NOT be processed.

Vial Instructions

  1. Screw cap on tightly. If cap comes off and there is leakage, we will destroy the sample for the safety of our lab technicians and your sample will NOT be processed.
  2. If possible, rinse outside of vial to remove any excess sputum. Let dry.
  3. Apply specimen label to the vial
  4. Red sticker: Remove backing and place on top in the center of the cap of the vial. Fold over and secure to vial.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Place cup/vial in large pouch of lab bag
  2. Complete highlighted sections of lab requisition & add your signature
  3. Fold lab requisition form into quarters & place in front pocket of biohazard lab bag
  1. Remove adhesive backing and fold over to overlap the front pocket and secure the adhesive to the bag
  2. After sample is secure, wash hands thoroughly then place lab bag in box & close box
  3. To find nearest FedEx Drop Box use your smartphone camera. Scan QR code to open the FedEx Locator App

Please drop MicroGenDX box into local FedEx Drop Box. If you bring into a FedEx Kinko's location, do NOT bring it to the counter to hand to employee. Their policy is to NOT accept Class B stickered packages. There is typically a Drop Box in the front of each store. You can drop your MicroGenDX box into that Drop Box for shipping.

Preparing the Shipping Box

  1. The side with 4 holes is the bottom.
  2. Fold small flaps in so they are hovering over the holes.
  3. Next, fold the sides up and into the box to hold the small flaps in place.
  4. Press the sides down slightly so there are 2 folded edges (inside top and outer top); the notches go into the four holes in the bottom.


How Physicians Approve Patients for Online Order of COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials | Full Process

Physicians learn how to order COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials for patients three ways. Each path directs physicians to a Provider Service Agreement (PSA) link.

  1. A patient calls or emails Customer Service to order collection materials.
  2. A rep sends our template email to physician
  3. A physician calls or emails Customer Service to order collection materials.

  1. Customer Service sends patient to so they can fill out the form and receive the Automatic Email Reply with instructions on how to talk with their doctor to approve/sign the MicroGenDX COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials.
  1. Rep sends template email to physician with PSA link:
  2. Customer service provides PSA link

Once Physician Completes the PSA

  • PSA is emailed to customer service
  • Customer service enters information into the system and creates a unique authorization code that is attached to the physician
  • Customer service emails physician the following information:
    • Materials included in sample collection materials
    • Direct link to patient ordering page (otherwise hidden)
    • Password to access website & authorization code
    • Link to FedEx drop off locations
    • Email template for patients

  1. Patient follows direct link and enters password
  2. Patient selects billing method and enters authorization code
  1. Patient follows prompts to “Checkout”
  2. Patient enters physician’s name plus billing and shipping information


How a Patient Orders Physician Approved MicroGenDX COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials

  1. Patient gets email from physician with MicroGenDX website link to order COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials.
  2. Patient enters password from email.
  3. Patient chooses billing method:
    1. Submit to Medicare
    2. Prepaid COVID-19 Sample Collection Materials
  4. Patient enters physician authorization code.
  1. Patient selects number of sample collection materials they are approved to order.
  2. Patient clicks “Checkout.”
  3. Patient enters physician’s name.
  1. Patient completes the order form and selects “Submit.”
  2. Sample collection materials are shipped to address provided by the patient.
  3. Patient uses prepaid FedEx shipping box to ship sample to MicroGenDX labs.
  4. Physician gets test results from MicroGenDX.